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      Procurement Specialist 10-15k·13薪
      蘇州-姑蘇區 3-5年 本科
      定期體檢 領導好 發展空間大 彈性工作 帶薪年假 節日禮物 五險一金 績效獎金 交通補助 周末雙休
      楊女士 7小時前在線 已認證
      Duties: 1. Procurement Strategy Implementation: Execute procurement tasks in alignment with business requirements. This includes conducting market research, benchmarking prices and service levels, organizing sourcing events, leading supplier negotiations, and proactively managing supplier relationships. 2. Project Leadership: Take the lead in projects involving cross-functional teams, ensuring successful execution of procurement activities. Oversee supply base selection, qualification, and proactive risk management, encompassing the entire source-to-pay process, payment methods, and establishment of supply agreements. 3. Cost Efficiency and Savings: Assume responsibility for achieving savings targets and devising annual plans for cost reduction, consistently improving the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for Smiths Detection China. Drive cost savings through Low-Cost Country Sourcing (LCCS) initiatives and deliver timely savings reports and progress updates. 4. Materials Localization: Develop strategies and sourcing plans to enhance localized supply for specific categories within the Smiths Detection China facilities expenditure portfolio, particularly for the C4C project. Contribute to supply chain efficiency and resilience. 5. Supplier Relationship Management: Conduct periodic business reviews with major suppliers to enhance operational excellence in terms of Price, Quality, and Delivery. Foster strategic relationships that align with the company's objectives. 6. Operational Support: Manage the complete Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) cycle, including issuing Purchase Orders, tracking order deliveries, expediting when necessary, managing Goods Receipt, and overseeing invoice processing. 7. Collaboration with Key Stakeholder: Actively engage with other stakeholders, including Finance, Product & Technology teams, to ensure seamless coordination and alignment in procurement activities. Technical Knowledge and Skills: 1. Bachelor's degree in Engineering, Supply Chain Management, or a related technical field; master's degree is a plus. 2. Proven experience as a Procurement Engineer or similar role, with expertise in technical procurement processes and supplier management. 3. Solid understanding of technical specifications, engineering drawings, and materials/components. 4. Strong negotiation skills with the ability to balance technical requirements and cost considerations. 5. Proficiency in English, both written and verbal. 6. Ability to collaborate effectively with cross-functional teams and external suppliers. 7. Familiarity with procurement software and tools. 8. Proficient in report writing, technical documentation, and communication of complex technical concepts. 9. Experience in working within a global matrix management structure. 10. Proficiency in MS Excel, Word, and other relevant software.


      史密斯集團是一家跨國技術(工業)企業,并已于倫敦證券交易所上市。在提高安全性、保護健康和提高生產率的先進技術實際應用方面,本公司位列全球前列。我們將技術帶入生活,并致力于打造一個更安全,更健康,更卓有成效的世界。 史密斯集團擁有22000多名員工,集團下面的五個分部(John Crane、Smiths Medical 、Smiths Detection、Smiths Interconnect 和 Flex-Tek)經營范圍遍布全球50多個國家。160多年來,本公司始終走在技術的*前沿,本公司的產品和服務每天都與數百萬人的生活息息相關。 我們相信多樣性會促使公司的蓬勃發展。 所有符合要求的申請人都將獲得平等的就業考慮,無論種族、膚色、宗教、性別、國籍或任何其他受法律保護的特征。 我們很自豪能夠成為一家充滿包容性的公司,我們的價值觀以平等和道德為基礎,我們支持和擁抱多樣性。


      您與該職位的匹配度: 登錄查看


      1. 如您發現平臺內招聘方存在以下違規行為的,請立即舉報
      • a. 扣押您的身份證件或者其他證件;
      • b. 要求您提供擔保人、擔保金或者以其他名義向您收取財物( 如培訓費、體檢費、資料費、置裝費、押金等);
      • c. 強迫您入股或者向您集資;
      • d. 以招聘名義牟取不正當利益;
      • e. 發布虛假招聘廣告信息;
      • f. 存在其他損害您的合法權益的行為。
      2. 如您應聘的崗位屬于涉外勞務合作/海外崗位的,請務必核實招聘方對外勞務合作資質取得情況,同時注意自身資金安全,防范招聘欺詐。


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